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One of my most recommended requests has to be the ‘best’ books to read. Whilst this is technically a subjective thing, I thought it’d be best to compile books that I have read & would recommend to others (not every book I’ve read as some were frankly rubbish).


I’ve split the list up into 2 sections with the first section being training & nutrition related from basic physiology, to recovery all the way to specific diet types. The second section is compiled of my favourite ‘other’ books that are either oriented towards thinking about the world around us a little better or give advice on specific facets of our lives (i.e. how to create timeless content).


I hope this list is all you guys ever wanted as I’ve been bloody asked a million times lol. I’ve not linked books because they are all available on amazon & depending which country you are in the link may not work so just google or search on amazon.


I’ve also compiled them from the most simple & easy to read through to more complicated topics (in terms of the training & nutrition list) that may need some more background before truly understanding.


Training & nutrition

-      A guide to flexible dieting– Lyle McDonald

-      A thoughtful pursuit of strength– Chad Wesley Smith

-      The Training & Nutrition Pyramids– Eric Helms, Andy Morgan & Andrea Valdez

-      The Renaissance Diet– Renaissance Periodization

-      The art & science of lifting– Greg Nuckols & Omar Isuf

-      Strength training anatomy– Frederic Delavier

-      The Hungry Brain– Stephan Guynet

-      Gut– Giulia Enders

-      10% Human– Alanna Collen

-      Practical programming for strength training– Mark Rippetoe & Andy Baker

-      The complete contest prep guide– Layne Norton

-      The recovery book– Mike Israetel & James Hoffman

-      How much should I train– Mike Israetel & James Hoffman

-      The scientific principles of strength training– Mike Israetel, James Hoffamn & Chad Wesley Smith

-      The ketogenic diet– Lyle McDonald

-      Ultimate diet 2.0– Lyle McDonald

-      Optimal nutrition for recovery– Lyle McDonald

-      The womens book– Lyle McDonald

-      Periodisation– Tudor Bompa & Gregory Haff

-      Periodisation in Sport– Tudor Bompa & Carlo Buzzichelli

-      Science & development of muscular hypertrophy– Brad Schoenfeld

-      Recovery for performance in sports– Christoph Hausswirth

-      Science & practice of strength training– Vladimir Zatiorsky & William Kraemer

-      Advanced sports nutrition– Dan Bernadot

-      Exercise physiology– McCardle, Katch & Katch

-      Joint structure & function– Pamela Levangie

-      Nutrition & metabolism– Susan Lanham-New

-      Introduction to Human Nutrition– Michael Gibney, Susan Lanham-New, Aedin Cassidy & Hester Vorster


Non-training & nutrition related


-      12 rules for life– Jordan Peterson

-      Maps of meaning– Jordan Peterson

-      Enlightenment now– Steve Pinker

-      Sapiens– Yuval Noah Harari

-      Homo Deus– Yuval Noah Harari

-      Mastery– Robert Greene

-      48 laws of power– Robert Greene

-      Art of seduction– Robert Greene

-      Why zebras don’t get ulcers– Robert Sapolsky

-      Behave– Robert Sapolsky

-      Thinking fast & slow– Daniel Kahnemann

-      Statistics without tears– Derek Rowntree

-      The power of habit– Charles Duhigg

-      The 7 habits of highly effective people– Stephen Covey

-      Bad science– Ben Goldacre

-      Perennial Seller– Ryan Holiday

-      The subtle art of not giving a fuck– Mark Manson

-      How to stand out– Rob Yeung

-      Atomic habits – James Clear

-      The willpower instinct– Kelly McGonigal

-      The stress of life– Hans Selye

-      Thankyou for arguing– Jay Heinrichs

-      The power of now– Eckhart Tolle

-      How to sleep– Neil Stanley

-      The selfish gene– Richard Dawkins

-      Peak– Anders Ericsson

-      Deep work– Cal Newport

-      Sleep– Nick Littlehales

-      Viralnomics– Jonathan Goodman



Whilst this is not the longest list, it is a list of books I’ve enjoyed, taken value from & would recommend to individuals similar in nature to myself. This isn’t a list of every book I’ve read, more the refined version.


I hope this article was useful, & I will update it as I read more & have new recommendations. Please let us know if it was useful to you by either emailing me, tagging us on Instagram (@myonomics) or sending us a direct message.


Thanks for reading


Aaron Brown

Aaron Brown