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Myonomics Individualised Programme

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 What’s Included?

  • Completely individualised training programme based on your consultation lasting 12 weeks (in which we will look at your goals, current level of ability, training & equipment availability, nutritional goals etc.)

  • Nutritional setting via our comprehensive guide & included calculator spreadsheet (which will help you set your goals for calories & macronutrients as well as suggestions on how to set up meals, set up cardio prescriptions if needed etc.)

  • Welcome guides to lead you through the process (including how to use your programme sheet, how to track progress, how to log book etc.)

  • Email & private group support as needed throughout the whole process (you will be invited into our private Facebook group so you can ask questions, have technique advised upon & more)

All for £40!


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Who is this for?

  • Individuals looking for top class programming from an experience coach

  • Individuals looking to gain muscle &/or strength

  • Individuals looking to compliment their diet with training that is tailored to their goals

  • Individuals who don’t need much/any accountability from a coach & can self manage well

  • Individuals that have previously struggled due to lack of direction in spite of their effort



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