Who Are We?

Myonomics is a brand that helps everyone from the lay public, to the high level athlete to achieve new heights in terms of body composition, performance & health. We truly believe that we can help every single person we work with or provide education to to achieve what they could not do alone. We don’t deal in fads, we don’t deal in misinformation, we only deal in excellence; from our customer service through to our coach expertise. We understand the feelings of disappointment & frustration that come as a result as an endless pursuit to change our bodies, we promise we have been there, & these feelings are what drives us each & every day to improve our knowledge & practice so we can serve more people, in helping bridge the gap between who they are & who they want to be.

We believe that the individual, their enjoyment, adherence, values & goals are the centre piece to long term success. We have understood for decades what dictates weight loss/gain/health etc. & yet we still struggle to do these things. The reason? We often don’t consider the individual involved. We believe that understanding you, your wants, needs, stress & strains, is the key to unlocking whatever potential you have. Our coaches & educators combine their knowledge, with their desire to understand you as an individual & your inner workings, to be the guide that you need to achieve your health & fitness goals, big or small.

The Coaches

Aaron Brown


I am a qualified level 3 personal trainer, sports masseuse and student of BsC Sports Rehabilitation & the Mac Nutrition University. I have worked with professional football players, squash professionals, six nations rugby players, elite level swimmers, future paralympians and national level dressage competitors, along with every day gym goers just like you and me.

Through working with such a broad spectrum of people I have learned to help people of all walks of life achieve there potential in their physical ability through training & nutrition strategies that are what they needed, not what everyone else needs.

Through the years, I have become obsessed with learning & development, I have refined the ability to be able to see a broad picture on strength & body composition change, which allows me to tailor all aspects to each individual as needed, to give them the results that they want in a way that allows for long term adherence.

I will not sell you gimmicks or quick fixes, I will guide you to & teach you how to get real results, and hopefully learn to love this process as I do (not for everyone. This is my passion, helping individuals change their lives through improved health & body composition. I guarantee if you are attentive & teachable, you will leave my services ready for life long sustainable results. All we ask of every client, is their best effort, honesty & belief in us, if you can do this, we can deliver results you thought not possible.

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