Beginner/Early Intermediate Female Hypertrophy Template

Beginner/Early Intermediate Female Hypertrophy Template


NEW: Now comes with 3, 4 & 5 day options so you can make the programme fit your schedule.

The Beginner/Early Intermediate Female Hypertrophy template is our way of providing those early in their training career a bit of a blueprint to start their path towards a better physique. It gives you an insight into how we programme for our own clients & allows you to utilise a programme that is sound in principles, with a similar structure being used by us time & again. As this programme is intended for muscle gain purposes, we recommend a small caloric surplus to get the most out of it.

The programme also has information on how to alter it over time, both in terms of exercise selection, volume, rep ranges & more. We have set this programme up with no specific exercises, we offer you a pool of exercises to choose from for each block so you can make choices based on personal preference, injury history, equipment availability & more.

We made this programme a ‘female’ template in particular, as there is likely a difference in how much training males & females can handle, as well as a frequency of training (per muscle group per week) that each sex can handle. Whilst these differences are small, we wanted to offer you two different options that are somewhat more tailored to your needs.


  • We recommend taking a week to reduce training volume & intensity (in terms of how close to failure you go) before starting this programme, especially if you have been training hard for a while.

  • We recommend opening the Excel sheet you will receive on a PC or laptop as it’s functionality is much better. If you need to work on a smart phone, download the Microsoft Excel app for better functionality than the built in UI on your phone.

As always, any questions can be directed to aaron@myo-nomics, & your testimonials are very welcomed & may be featured on our social medias.


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