The Flexible Dieting Manual

The Flexible Dieting Manual


“Flexible dieting can help bridge the gaps that have been missing for some time in the pursuits of changing our bodies and health, for good, & at it’s foundation, it understands the core principles that dictate whether our diet will lead to the results we want.”

The Flexible Dieting Manual is a blueprint for understand and applying the principles of nutrition that WILL lead us to better body compositions. Flexible Dieting is not a method, more a philosophy and a way of thinking and acting in our dietary actions.

The Flexible Dieting Manual includes all you need to apply its principles from the last page, from setting your own nutritional intake, to habit forming and practical application of all that is entailed. We hope that The Flexible Dieting Manual will help many people understand our thoughts and processes to dietary success with our own coaches and our clients.

“The Flexible Dieting Manual is exactly what you hope for when science meets brevity and clean writing. In a world with mainstream books often carrying the wrong advice and academia dueling for significance muddying the right data, Aaron Brown marries the two into something actually useful for those looking to control their body composition. The bonus? The topics, layout, and design leave you feeling informed without needing methamphetamine to get through it." - Leigh Peele (Author of ‘Starve Mode’ and ‘The Fat Loss Troubleshoot’.

"The Myonomics Flexible Dieting Manual is an excellent introduction to the world of flexible dieting. Anyone looking to better understand the science and its application to flexible dieting will benefit highly from this book. The manual is detailed, complete, evidence based and easy to digest and provides readers with a foundational knowledge of nutrition along with a step-by-step process for implementing a flexible diet. Epic work from the Mynomics team!" - Jacob Schepis (Co-owner of JPS Health & Fitness & the JPS PT Mentorship Program)


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