Here are some of the individuals we have guided to their goals

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I must say I have been extremely impressed with the standard and service I have received from them. At first I wasn’t sure whether to join but I must say it’s the best decision I have made. The nutrition they provided was spot on and fit me perfectly, and the training programme was second to none. Believe me I have done a few training programmes and I must say I have had the best results possible with them. If you are thinking of using Myo-nomics don’t hesitate, do it, you won’t look back. Aaron really did surpass my expectations for a coach. Very impressed. Thanks for your constant support Aaron I couldn’t have done it without you’

- Niki


I can’t thank Aaron enough for his commitment to my journey.  This is the best I’ve felt in years and it’s all down to the training plans written by Aaron and his help with nutrition; it was daunting when I first started tracking my food but Aaron really helped me with ideas and now it has become habit. He is always there to talk through any problems I may have had and his industry knowledge is amazing. 

- Claire

I most definitely would recommend anyone to Myonomics because the programming is well thought out from nutrition to training, easy to understand and access, tailored to one’s specific goals, and sets you up for success as long as you’re willing to do the work. They make you feel comfortable enough to express any thoughts/concerns and proud of each bit of progress along the way. I look forward to my coach’s responses to my check-ins as I am consistently receiving positive feedback for my efforts, motivation to continue and critique to think about moving forward. I trust in him and the process and I just have to put in the work.

- Brittney

Aaron has been so supportive throughout our time together, giving advice weekly through check ins but also checking up on me all the time to see if im doing alright & constantly being aware of my progress. He is so passionate & knowledgeable about what he does & that shows with how involved he is with the process. He is always on hand to give advice, or to give that extra push you need to motivate you. Something that has changed completely is my mind-set, I have struggled with my weight for around 7 years now, & having tried all sorts of diets & been sucked into all sorts including no carbs in my diet they have showed me that eating healthily with fats, proteins & carbs, & training hard is all you need to succeed, no fad diets needed. I would recommend Myonomics to everyone, Aaron really is amazing at what he does & I couldn’t have done this all without him, my only regret is that I didn’t start sooner.

- Rachel



Aaron has supported me some much over the last 6 months. He is so knowledgeable and adaptable. I have had ups and downs with my training but he has changed things accordingly and treated me as an individual which has shown in the results we’ve achieved. The best part of this process is that I feel the training and nutrition plans are completely individualised and he adapts them when circumstances change. Since starting with Aaron I’ve lost around 7kg of body fat and I am at my leanest ever. However, most importantly he has taught me so much about nutrition and training. Finally, he has made me feel confident in the body I have and have worked for.

- Chloe


Aaron was very informative and knowledgeable. He focussed very much on my technique and rhythm with regards to training, and also gave me invaluable information about nutrition. The training programme was also very useful. I have learnt a lot about both dieting and training since having had PT with him and have had to rethink how I train – which is not easy… Overall a very positive experience and would recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their health or physique. I have already recommended Aaron to gym colleagues. I have had PT before, but Aaron has taken me to another level with regards to training. He really does know his stuff! He is dedicated and approachable and clearly loves what he does. I would say he encapsulates what a great trainer should be .

- Kapil


Aaron has been great! SO approachable, knowledgeable and friendly. I feel that I could be more forthcoming, I don’t get in touch much (only for check-ins usually) and tend to be a bit quiet! Sorry for that! I do feel like Aaron is 100% on the ball though and learns pretty quickly about what type of person you are and how he can best help. Once start 1-1 coaching I have really enjoyed the plan so far and have worked much harder than when I’m left to my own devices with only myself to be accountable for. Myonomics have massively helped me address my (untrue) calorie deficit and now I actually AM in a deficit, I’m seeing results (surprise!!).

- Melanie


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