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I most definitely would recommend anyone to Myonomics because the programming is well thought out from nutrition to training, easy to understand and access, tailored to one’s specific goals, and sets you up for success as long as you’re willing to do the work. They make you feel comfortable enough to express any thoughts/concerns and proud of each bit of progress along the way.

- Brittney


I must say I have been extremely impressed with the standard and service I have received from them. At first I wasn’t sure whether to join but I must say it’s the best decision I have made

- Niki 

 Something that has changed completely is my mind-set, I have struggled with my weight for around 7 years now, & having tried all sorts of diets & been sucked into all sorts including no carbs in my diet they have showed me that eating healthily with fats, proteins & carbs, & training hard is all you need to succeed, no fad diets needed.

- Rachel

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